About Us

E-Jay Plastics Co. was founded in 1959 by Edward J Wolanin, who had acquired extensive experience in all areas of thermoset molding while working his way up at several Chicago area molders.  He started the business with the notion that Quality and On-Time Delivery must come first in order to distinguish himself from the competition.  He started receiving work from a well known connector company and quickly earned their trust while gaining new customers.  E-Jay Plastics Co. was incorporated in 1973 and is still fully owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation family members of Edward Wolanin, drawing on 72+ years of molding experience.

Edwards’s grandson, Bob Tyler, is the current president and co-owner of E-Jay Plastics.  He grew-up working in the business and later earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He went on to work for a prominent mid-size electrical products company for 8 years, working his way up to an Assistant Chief Engineer of R&D,  before rejoining E-Jay Plastics in 1998.

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